Monday, June 11, 2007

personal reflection

The event of pol pot and the killing fields of Cambodia relates to both human rights and the decleration of human rights. They relate to human rights because he went completly against it and didn't even give people fair trials. He was incharge of killing these people. He didn't care about the others. The only thing he realy cared about was to him killing his own kind because he thought they were traitors. He thought he would purify the country and wanted them all to be communists. He completly went against human rights and killed them all.

This event relates to the holocaust because there was mass killing and people were not treated fair they were killed because they were different. They didn't have the same beliefs so they were killed. It is very similar this time it wasn't because they were jew's it was about pol pots own kind but he still killed a lot of people because they were different. It also relates because they had concentration camps to mainly kill and torture prisoners. They were both sick and un-human. so in a nut shell they were very much alike in every way.

Pol pot and the killing fields of Cambodia denied the principal the principal that all individuals matter. This is true because he treated them like animals with no hygene and didn't care about them. He killed them whithout trial and only cared about how to kill more to purify the country.
He didn't care about antone and never had a thought in his mind that all individuals matter. In actuality all individuals matter and pol pot didn't care anything about them.

This event makes me think nothing about leadership because of how cruel and un human pol pot was.. Also including the leaders of the concentration camps. Everyone apart of the killings have no leadership what so ever. For example he ran away when cambodia was attacked in vietnam, and ran away like a cowered, there is no leadership involved he should of stood his ground and face the concequences. I feel that everyone who was apart of the killings should have been tortured to and put to death.

I feel so much sorrow for the victums of Cambodia. They were non deserving to death. They shouldn't have killed them because they had diffrent beliefs againstpol pot. I think people should have tryed harder to find pol pot because he wasn't put to justice. I gives me even more sorrow and I wish this event never happend.

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Morgz_047 said...

Thank you so much!
this has helpped me so much on how to understand how and why these killings happended!
I am studding the Pol Pot Regime in Cambodia and this document has givven me a insight oh how it all happened.
Thank You