Sunday, June 10, 2007

Personal Reflection
When Pol Pot had brought this massacre to Cambodia I thought, what happened to Human rights why did these laws not work when created to make sure everyone has equal rights. When I read about Pol Pot I wounder, why make these laws if its just going to lead to fighting and violence. I don't think that The United Nations thought that their new improved laws would fail them like they did. In the future they will try and improve these laws.
This event relates to the Holocaust because like Hiter, Pol Pot thought that there were people inferior to him. He thought these people should all be killed, like Hitler and the jews. Pol Pot didn't just kill the people he tortured them first with cruel tactics. Hitler did these same things, gas, burning people, concentration camps. Pol Pot killed about one third of the country, about three million people. Hitler Killed twice that amount, six million jews.
My event totally denys Humanism. Pol Pot didn't care for anybody he thought wasnt perfect so he killed the ones he thought were imperfect. He was as insane as Hitler was during the Holocaust. He also had people go through horrible torturing. He made rules about being tortured. You couldn't cry if whipped or received electric shock. Couldnt show sympathy if they killed your family. These rules denied the thought of Humanism.
When I read about Pol Pot I felt that such leadership doesn't seem right. How people can let a crazy man like Pol Pot come into power just makes me sick. The people who followed him were as mad as him. How they tortured people is just inhumane, making rules so people can't cry or morn for the dead. whipping, electification, burning, and starvation. Pol Pot and his followers were as insane as Hitler or Stalin.
Yes, I do pity the victims of Pol Pot's onslaught. I didn't think the people of Cambodia expected for Pol Pot to take control of the country and kill millions because he thought they were impefect. The survivors of this horrible event will be scarred for life. After going through whippings, electrification, burning, and gas, I pity the souls that were lost in Cambodia.

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